Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Retiring Stamps List is Out - Get them 20% off or more

I have been so extremely busy lately that I have not been able to blog. Oh, I've missed it so. Thank you so much for all your entries for my May Blog Candy. What great inspiring quotes. I just love them! Blog candy is still up, so keep the quotes and quips coming!

So what do you all think of the retiring stamp list? There are a lot of them arent there? If you haven't seen it yet, you can click on the link here or view it on the right hand side of my blog here.
If you are wondering why there are sooo many stamp sets retiring (this means after June 30 you can no longer get them - they are gone gone gone)? Well, as many of you know (and maybye some don't) Stampin' Up! is changing their catalogs - We will be going from only 1 catalog per year to 2 catalogs! I think this is so exciting as by mid-year thru the catalogs I find I am ready for something new.
I am thinking that you all are ready for something new too as I have offered some really great specials for May and June, but nobody really seems interested. Then I start thinking that maybe I am not getting the word out as well as I should! (which is probably true) So as I mentioned a while back in a previous blog post I am offering some really great specials for those of you who have workshops in May or June.
This special is for workshop order only so here goes:
Host a workshop in May or June and you and your guests will receive 20% off all retiring stamp sets and 10% off any other sets! To boost business a little more, if between you and your guests you book 3 or more workshops I will give you an additional $10 of Hostess money to spend.
There is more news:
First, since there are soooo many stamp sets retiring I will be losing a lot that I use for my demonstrations so for all my past stampin' friends, you know what that means! For those of you who don't know what I mean well, I'll be having my rummage sale to sell some of my retiring stamp sets (discounted of course) and my pre-order this month. I have scheduled the date for May 18th! This is an Open House type format which means come whenever you want to! You can pre-order your new catalogs, or set your date to get your catalog for free the same time that the pre-ordered ones come in. The only thing I ask is that you let me know if you will be coming as I like to have a little make n take for you to do and I need to know how much paper to cut!
I got all my stampin samples done for convention They've actually been done for a week, but getting them there was disastrous - but I am too upset about it to go into details. Lets just focus on the positive and say that I am really honored and excited that I was chosen as one of the display sample makers. I am, however saddened that I will not be able to make convention this year even though it is my 5th year and I would get to walk across stage. Oh well - C'est La Vi! Colorado would have been fun. So, for those of you who are attending I hope you'll keep me up to date on all the fun stuff happening while you are there in January and of course you can give me your honest opinion about the samples made (mine and everyone elses of course) I did some really different things with my samples (the 3-d ones that is ) so I hope you all don't think they're too weird. As soon as convention is over, I will share them with you here on my blog site - but for now you'll just have to wait!
Okay - that is it for today!
Oh one more thing - keep the quotes and quips coming - the blog candy doesn't get drawn until May 30th! I've really enjoyed these! Thank you!


Dawn Mercedes May 9, 2007 at 11:39:00 PM EDT  

darling these froggies and miss is borrowing them for a few months!

Maria May 12, 2007 at 5:44:00 PM EDT  

Hi Laura,

I just want to thank you for your advise on my "Life Changing Dilemma". It was very helpful and I appreciate it.

I'm sorry you won't be able to attend convention. I won't be attending either!

I love your cute froggy card! I've always loved those frogs! I'm sorry to see a lot of the stamp sets retire but I look forward to the new sets soon to come out! It's exciting!

Dawn Mercedes May 22, 2007 at 10:58:00 PM EDT  

Oooh, where are you? I check in on you and no updates! Hope you are okay.

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