Wednesday, September 5, 2007

I'm Beginning to think there is no Challenge...

I'm beginning to think that I won't be getting any entries for my blog challenge to make the slit flower frame or scallop frame cards. Oh well, if I don't then the candy will be saved for something else.... I'm leaving a link to the original post in case anyone is up to the challenge. I appreciate everyone stopping by though.
Here's the link to the post.STAMPS- INK- PAPER: New Title - What Do You Think??

I'm feeling a little BLUE tonite. You would think that all the change of getting the kids back to school, coaching soccer, taking Nolan to soccer practice, Sophie starting dance lessons again and all the hub bub of the beginning of the school year would be the reason, but the funny thing is it's not.

Why is sometimes that the changes in our lives are much easier to handle than the things that stay the same?

Note: If you don't want to read my venting - feel free to scroll down to the end where I give the list of items used to make the card above.....

You see things don't seem to change in my family (mom, bro, SIL ect). Why is it sometimes I'm okay being the "different" one in the family & other times it's so frustrating. I mean they just don't seem to get me. What is with double standards? Why is it that I am expected (don't get me wrong I want to be there for them) to attend my niece and nephew's 1st communion/confirmations and yet my bro, SIL and kids don't come to either of my kids baptisms? What's up with that? & why doesn't my Mother say anything to them about it - yet if it were me - she'd make sure I knew I had to be there?!

They don't seem to get the whole stamping, cardmaking, crafting thing either & so they don't respect it. My nephew (he's 13) doesn't want to hear about it so when I talk about it he cuts me off and says "well, it's just a hobby" & yet I am expected to be overjoyed with his accomplishments & interests. I mean come on last year he passed the SAT (or was it the ACT) at age 12 for heavens sake who wouldn't be impressed with that! My niece (she's 9) & in one of the pages I did for the SU Art from the Heart CD - I sent an email to them showing that it was on display (someone had taken a pic at convention) & I got no reply - NADA!
So the CD comes in the mail while my niece is here & I ask her if she would like to see it & she says "yeah yeah yeah, you made a picture of me and you won an award I heard all about it". What the heck!? Lets just slap me in the face!

So my enthusiasm for my "hobby" is fading & my faith in my family is not very strong right now. How many of you out there have to pray to keep your cool & calm when you know you're going to see your family? It shouldn't have to be that way! I shouldn't have to get stressed out to see my family and yet every time I do - every time I pray about it - and every time nothing changes. So finally I voice my pain and I am looked at with a blank stare.

At a conference I went to one time the speaker said "If you don't like something that is happening either
  • Change It
  • Accept it the way it is or
  • Walk away from it."

So I guess I am resigned to choose option #2 - because I know you cannot make a person change - only yourself. If I choose option #3 then that means I abandon my family & I don't want to do that to my kids - they get along splendidly with everyone - which is good - it means I am raising them right.

If it weren't for my friends I probably wouldn't continue with stamping. I mean if the people you really want to share this with don't give a rip then what's the point?!

Okay - I feel better now.

NOTE: If you skipped the venting - Begin Here:
Well, I don't think I will give up the whole stamping thing. I like it too much. Hence I made this card above for my dear friend D. who has listened to the whole story, (I just gave you the highlights - aren't you glad?) prayed for me, listened to me and helped me make a little sense of all this.
So, she's getting this little TY card sent in the mail tomorrow.

The card base is Paisly background stamped onto Pale Plum cardstock using VersaMark and then embossed with (retired) Dark Brown EP. I saw this done on a card that Beate did (see a link to her blog on the right) and I just loved it. Then I cut a big circle of vintage violet (retired) using my Coluzzle and stamped the Sanded background stamp onto that. I punched a Scalloped Circle using my Giga Scalloped Circle punch then stamped and embossed (dark brown EP again) the flowers & sentiment from the True Friend set in the mini catalog. I placed a rhinestone brad in the center of the small flower, strung some brown taffeta ribbon across the front and Voila a heartfelt TY for my dear friend. ((hugs))

Oh - and one more Shout Out to my blog friend Linda S. Thank you so much for the sweet gifts your sent Sophie. She is thrilled and will be getting you a TY out soon! Know that you are loved and in our prayers too. Thank your little Gabriella for her sweet thoughts too! Thank you for caring about her. She is on the mend and the foot is getting easier to run on every day. She still has the antibiotics until at least January along with monthly blood work - but she seems to be on the mend.

Thank you, blog friends, for stopping by today and listening to me vent(or not - thats okay too). I guarantee that tomorrow I will feel better and life will be sunny again - for tomorrow is a new beginning - fresh and without flaw.
God bless!


Katie September 6, 2007 at 12:09:00 AM EDT  

Uno - I love the new header and wish I knew how to add one to my own blog.
B - I love this card and wish I had time this week to stamp for your challenge
and 3 (are you smiling some now?) I always have to bite my toungue when we spend time with my DH's family. They do not seem to care what it is to live our life or remember what three small kids bring. So I do know where you are going. Now if my 9yo neice talked to me the way yours did, well, it wouldn't be pretty. How rude! I have made things for my nieces before and I know they enjoy my cards, but otherwise they are like Oh, yeah thanks... So I quite wasting my time making them things. I only do it for the people it brings joy to. And so I would choose option b to accept them, but mix in a lil option c of staying clear as much as possible.

Cyber Hugs!!

Allison September 6, 2007 at 12:10:00 AM EDT  

Hey Laura...I want to try your challenge...I just have to get my act together! Super card (love the colors) and don't let anyone rain on your stamping parade...we all get "it"!

debbiedee September 6, 2007 at 10:30:00 AM EDT  

I posted! Since I am the only one, you can close the challenge early and just send the goodies to me Ü

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